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Puppy Panels

Add-on puppy panels convert new or existing ornamental style fence professionally and affordably. They’re practically invisible against your landscape, avoiding the busy look of other puppy panels. Made from strong 4 gauge galvanized steel wire horizontals and 8 gauge steel wire pickets and powder-coated for life, they’re the perfect solution for existing fences, especially if your fence doesn’t have puppy pickets.

Pets learn to climb meshes with frequent cross bars and light meshes like hardware cloth and poultry netting are easily broken, leave sharp points and require frequent replacement. Panels can be racked up to 25° to fit the grade of your fence. Flush wires are cut smooth rather than snipped for safety and the flush edges help prevent pets from getting a collar hooked.

  • Rackable up to 25°
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel wire
  • Attachable either by bracket, or by zip tie

Note: This or similar products should not be added to pool fences, because it will make that fence not code compliant.

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Attachment Options


                                Zip Tie                                                      Provided Brackets

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