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Our Mission

Our Mission

100% customer satisfaction—Guaranteed!  We promise to serve our customers by offering only the highest quality products, superior installation, and unsurpassed service.


  1. Wow our Customers–make everything we do extraordinary.
  2. Attention to Detail–it’s all about the little things.
  3. Continuous Improvement–individually, as well as a company.
  4. Help and Respect One Another–we are all in this together.
  5. Open Communication–build relationships through transparency and openness.
  6. Positive Attitude—toward everyone and everything we do.
  7. Find a Way–there is usually a solution so be resourceful and get it done.
  8. Believe in Yourself–believe big things are possible.
  9. Drive Innovation, Creativity and Change–be a leader.
  10. Add Value to Everything We Do–sowing and reaping.
  11. Love What You Do–if you don’t, find something else to do.


Phillips values their team like family and instills a culture that reflects that.

  • Our culture is not separate from the company
  • Our culture shows us how to behave
  • Newcomers know the company’s culture immediately
  • The culture reflects the leadership style
  • A well-developed culture is highly successful and rewarding